Anita (Arizona)


Thank you soooo much for your help Julie.  As you know, I foster dogs for a rescue group in Northern Arizona and over the years we quite often rescue dogs that may have multiple issues, which can make it difficult to adopt them out. Your help in solving the issues that came with Tanner, my cute, sweet terrier were amazing.  Nighttime was not fun, as his issues were that he had a lot of fear of going outside, especially at night.  He would growl and snap at me if I attempted to have him go outside to go to the bathroom before bedtime.  I was afraid to reach for him because I felt he might bite me.

When I spoke with you about him, you said you would be happy to help Tanner!  What a relief that was to me.  I love this little boy and want him to be “adoptable” into a loving home but was so worried about how he would behave.  When you set up the  time to work on him in releasing many trapped/trauma/emotional emotions I couldn’t believe how much he calmed down.  I saw such a difference in him after just 2 sessions.  Now he goes outside for me whenever I want him to.  This is going to help this little boy find his forever home much easier.  It was amazing to see him calm down.

Thank you, Julie,!