Sally (Oregon)


My mother died in a car accident in a February snowstorm when I was 11 years old (over 50 years ago).  Since then, I have never been comfortable in a car and have always had great anxiety (especially in February) while riding or driving in inclement weather.  After having an Emotion Code treatment with Julie for this anxiety, my city experienced an ice storm (it also happened to be February).  I work at a 24-hour care facility which is a 26-mile commute for me.  The roads were icy, but I did not have the usual fear of driving!!  I just drove carefully, and all was well.  Since then, being in a car, riding or driving has become significantly less traumatic for me.

During another EC session, Julie worked on mid-back spasms I was having due to the stress-load I have at work.  I’d been feeling seriously grumpy, angry & irritated for about 2 weeks.  During the session, I felt my back pain immediately release!  When the session ended, I told Julie I felt like dancing!  I no longer held the anger but felt light & happy!

I feel these EC sessions have changed my life!